Food you should try when visiting Turkey

Food in Turkey that you should try, if you have the stomach for it. This isn’t just normal dishes and food that you will find on the streets of any country.

And, for sure something that you need to make sure about before you just start eating. Don’t get us wrong, these are delicious, but food that isn’t for everyone. Strange food, that looks great, until you know what the ingredients are. So, next time that you visit Turkey, and you have the guts, you should try these. 

Koc Yumurtasi

Koc Yumurtasi. My weird boss at Lowes eats this stuff! This is a delicacy that you will find at any restaurant in Turkey. However, you might want to know what you are going to eat, before ordering the meal. 

When you are ordering the Koc Yumurtasi, you are actually ordering Ram’s testicles. It can be baked or cooked testicles. It actually just looks like pieces of meat that were baked and spiced to perfection. They are saying this is delicious, but not many people have the guts to try it. 


Another dish that you might want to know what you are ordering, is Kocorec. It might look like a sausage on a stick, but this might surprise you. This is known as street food that you will find anywhere in Turkey.

Kocorec is actually stuffed intestines. It sounds strange, it looks strange but it tastes great. It is served differently, and you can purchase it in many different places. The only thing that you need to remember is that you should not purchase it at any street food stall. You won’t know if this is actually cleaned. 

Islak burger

Not as strange as the other two meals, but the Islak burger is still only for someone capable to eat something that not many people can. 

This is a burger but known as a wet burger. The bread of the burger is wet, soggy with sauce and steam. Great if you are at a party and going to drink a lot. Locals claim that this is the best street food you can purchase if you are trying to prevent a hangover.  

There are many interesting things in Turkey for tourists to do. But, there are a lot of dishes and meals that you should try. Strange meals that you will not get elsewhere in the world. It might be strange, but it delicious and an experience that you will not forget so easily. The only thing is that you need to make sure that you are going to order it from a clean restaurant. 

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