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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Can't Wait!

AFTER TWO YEARS of not posting on this blog, today I'm posting twice. And it feels good.

But the "Can't Wait!" does not refer to blogging--it's about writing my new screenplay.

After dropping screenwriting for several years (see Now Playing for reasons), I was nervous about getting back in the game. So that's what I'm making of it: a game.

Still, I want to take the proper steps for my story. So I'm using 10K Day for Writers today to write a treatment. It's going so well I can't wait to switch to Movie Magic and start the script. I can visualize chunks of description and lines of dialogue in my mind's eye and I'm itching to go put them in script format. I almost broke off from my treatment to go do that . . . but then I decided to wait.

I decided that, even though I'm writing this script purely for my own pleasure (no career ambitions are allowed to wreck my fun), I still want to take all the right baby steps. I started with a free-flow outline that included my stream-of-consciousness blah-blah-blah. Then I switched to my treatment template (see Hug a Treatment Today). And that's a good thing. The template is drawing out details that might have been missed had I jumped straight into the script.

Even if a bunch of those details don't end up in the script, it's connecting me more deeply to my story and my characters. They are telling me secrets as I go.

What a great problem to have. Restraining myself from jumping into the script. I love this feeling.


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