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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Joys of Collab

I'VE ALWAYS wanted to collaborate with someone fascinating to write about their area of expertise. A couple of times I started to, but the project always floundered before we could produce much.

The first time, I was going to write a book with a man who teaches people how to play the didgeridoo (Australian Aboriginal wind instrument made from a hollow tree branch) for health and spiritual purposes. I did extensive interviews and wrote several chapters . . . but the didge player was allergic to reading manuscripts, so that made it impossible for me to continue. Couldn't proceed without his input on what I'd written.

The second time, I was going to write a book with Taos artist John Farnsworth. Farnsy is a raconteur who has led a colorful life and his style of painting has carved him a niche in the art world. Just the kind of real-life character I long to write about! But then serious health problems overtook me and I had to drop it.

But now I have another chance to collaborate with a creative person whose area of expertise is of great interest to me. This time it will be a screenplay not a book. Our genre will be something approximating sci-fi/fantasy/metaphysical.

We're going to combine his expertise and years of professional practice with my personal experiences in the field he works in. In the beginning, I'll be the main writer. Later, we plan to use the online function of the script software to work on the script together.

We're just getting started and we had our first Skype session last night to brainstorm ideas. We don't have any characters or a storyline yet, but we do have the beginnings of an angle on how to approach the story. And we have a working title. Not bad for 30 minutes of Skype time.

We're both mega-busy people and our biggest challenge will be carving out time to work together. But we've agreed that even short bursts of time here and there can be productive.

Last night's Skype was both fun and creatively stimulating. I'm looking forward to more.


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