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Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Can Writes Comedy

LAST JANUARY I started my second script. Following the story from the treatment I'd already written, I forced myself to add a minimum of four pages a day (but it usually turned out to be more than four). After one week, I had 36.5 pages written.

That's one-third of a script. In one week. I could have had my second script finished by mid-Feb if I had kept going at that rate.

Instead, I quit altogether. Why? Because I was worried it wasn't funny. And it's supposed to be a comedy/drama.

(OK, dramedy, but I hate that word.)

Reading the script today after eight months of forgetting all about it in favor of other writing projects was a revelation. It's a funny script! (I was even laughing out loud in parts.) And it retains all the angst of the female characters, so I've struck the balance I wanted to strike.

Today is the Saturday event for Sept. over at 10K Day for Writers.
Have only written 1,839 words so far, and I had a list of stuff I was planning to work on. Mostly blog posts for Fear of Writing and Milliver's Travels, plus another brainstorming session for the new screenplay idea I'm incubating.

But all that has changed. Taking the time to read my manuscript was just as valuable as spending that time on writing. And now I need to relook at my priorities.

Originally, I was planning to take up the new script idea in favor of finishing my second script—because this new script idea seemed worthier of my time. But now that I've read #2, I feel recommitted to it. It's funny and the audience will relate. It's entertainment, with a way for the characters to redeem themselves and learn something about how to live life. Of course it's worthy of my time!

This is another lesson on how we can mis-perceive our own writing when we're too close to it. I help writers with that all the time, but that doesn't mean I'm not immune to it myself.

Need to do some serious time management work here. Because now I really want to finish script #2. I can still incubate my new script idea while I'm doing that.

(Note to self: Come back and read this post the moment you fear your script is dull and should be set aside for something with more "purpose.")


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