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Friday, September 16, 2011

Blown Away by What I Wrote

YESTERDAY I REREAD one of the treatments I wrote during my treatment blitz last December/January.

I was planning to show it to the person I'll be collaborating with on a new screenplay idea, so I just wanted to make sure it was readable enough to make sense. We'll be working in the same genre—sci-fi/fantasy/metaphysical—so it would be a writing sample to show what I can do with that genre.

Instead of a business-like interlude where I focused on whether the writing sample was ready to go, I ended up being blown away by the story itself.

For sure, there are some things about the treatment that need brushing up—do a little research; add some dialogue—but the story itself was titanic. And while I could recognize my own learning experiences in the details, the theme of healing with love overtook me with a depth of emotion that goes beyond the act of storytelling.

I remember now that was how I felt while I was writing it. I was surging with goose bumps during certain parts, and at the end I was weeping.

After reading it yesterday, several hours passed before I felt normal again. The emotions were almost too intense to wish I could stay in them, even though it felt like I'd been touched by the divine.

This story is so much bigger than me. I think it came from somewhere else. I was just the willing vessel.


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