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Monday, January 3, 2011

Who Am I?

I am a screenwriter.

To start 2011 from my creative heart, it was imperative to post those four words. Even though saying it brings up fears. “I haven't proven myself yet. I only have one finished script. I haven't pitched to a real producer/ executive/gofer at a studio yet.”


None of that matters. Because to be who I want to be in 2011—to feel how I want to feel creatively—I must now state those words in public. I must emblazon them on my blog, whether anyone reads it or not.

I've already done it privately. I cleared a page in my planner just for screenwriting. I called it I Am a Screenwriter. I love looking at that page. I love the feeling that I've already done some of the things listed on the plan.

Next, I rearranged my office to reflect screenwriting as my #1 writing focus this year. I put all my screenwriting books together on one shelf and gave them the prime position. I cleared all unrelated stuff off my creativity work table and spread it with screenwriting-related projects. I decluttered my desk to symbolize someone who knows what she wants.

But all that was too safe. I can still hide here in my office without changing my outward identity.

So the next thing I did was start a Twitter account (@boonieschick) just for my screenwriting. I have one for Fear of Writing, of course, and I'd been using it for screenwriting Tweets occasionally—but that felt like a big compromise. Like mixing the wrong colors together to get a blander shade of paint. I needed my own place to express myself about screenwriting. To build my identity as a screenwriter. And right now that doesn't mean platform. It means identity. The way I see myself. The way I feel about myself.

The next step was to resurrect this blog. And to determine what it's for right now.

The purpose of this blog right now is to express myself as a screenwriter. Whether anyone reads it or not.

Next, I switched from using fearofwriting as an ID when I comment on other people's blogs to using Boonies Chick. It's not that I'm ditching FoW. It's the identity thing again. I've been the Fear of Writing lady for the past 10 years . . . but that is not my own, personal identity as a writer.

Who am I?

I'm a screenwriter.

There. It was easier that time.

P.S. I feel excited about who I am.


catherine said...

Hey Boonies Chick ~

Nice idea to claim who you are! And I can identify with making your office over according to your new ID. :) I've been doing much the same lately and it feels good.

I enjoy your screenwriting website and look forward to reading about your progression through screenwriting in the boonies creating from your heart.

~ happy new year ~


j said...

I feel excited about who you are too. I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for you.

Kellie Walker said...

I am so excited for you! Glad to hear you shouting it from the rooftops.

2011 is going to be a great year!

Al McCartan said...

I have written a TV pilot script via Celtx. Would you believe it, my computer passed last month and I now have another. I recalled Celtx to the screen but my play was not included - somewhere it's gone into limbo. I know it's on the previous Celtx site because i locked it in and backed it up. The new computer won't recognize my previous Celtx work.Woe! woe!

Boonies Chick said...

Alza, very very sorry to hear of the loss of your TV pilot. Perhaps you could contact tech support and ask for help. I see that Celtx supports Mac, Linux and Windows, so it sounds like any system should be able to read the file. Maybe tech support has encountered this question before. It's certainly worth a try . . . and good luck!

P.S. If you decide to keep going with writing pilots, please come hang out in the Boonies with me. Would love to have you as a guest blogger :~)

Xyla said...

I just wanted to say making it as a screenwriter is all mental work. It's just about being dedicated through the hard times. A few years ago I was on top of the world when I won a Disney Screenwriting Fellowship, validation of my life purpose and talent-or so I thought. It's been hard since it ended. Just last year I was homeless with while pregnant and then a baby, but I still wrote a screenplay in the process. I say all this to say, just remain focused and dedicated. I will be keeping tabs on your progress and good luck!

Al said...

Molto grazie, which is Wollongong for thanks. I'll do that and see what comes up. I certainly will hang with you guys. Even if it's to blast off at writers who have not done any research. Watrched a rerun of Australia with Nic Kidman - I was astounded at at least two errors.

1. A close up of a document signed by an Army captain. Abbreviated "CPT" No way! up until the sixties it was always, "Capt".
The other was in the last scenes during the evac of Darwin. An Aussie Army MP was directing people to safe places. This guy wore a beard. No member of the Australian Army, unless an infantry pioneer were allowed to wear beards - epecially the MPs.
Trouble being now - I look for error.s

Boonies Chick said...

Al ~ Sounds like an ideal topic for a guest blog post :~)

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