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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sunflower Ranch & the Vespa Blogger Friendship Award

WHEN I STARTED this blog my main goal was just to have fun.

Screenwriting can be intense, and the writing format—as much as I love it—is restrictive. I need other ways to express myself while I learn and grow as a screenwriter. So I was really just doing it for myself.

I barely had anything posted when my first follower showed up. The icon for Sunflower Ranch that suddenly appeared in the sidebar surprised the heck out of me. I wasn't ready to promote the blog to my friends yet, much less strangers.

I didn't think I was ready for followers. . . .

But life brings us little rewards whether we feel ready or not—and Sunflower Ranch became much more than just a silent (or even a commenting) follower; she became a friend.

Now I knew that whenever I posted something, someone was listening. Oh, and the wonderful, encouraging comments she’d leave on my posts! Then one day Sunflower Ranch left a message saying I was one of her choices for the “Vespa Blogger Friendship Award.”

As a writer and author, I love nothing more than the feeling that one of my readers also counts me as a friend.

I hope you’ll check out the Sunflower Ranch blog. It's not a screenwriting blog, but you'll find many treasures there. Everything from

fun challenges for writers


outdoor beauty and poetry


humor (Bad Day at Hallmark)


The Gettysburg Address.

I’ve enjoyed the short stories too. Grandma Was a Flapper is my absolute favorite, but you should also check out A Fine Irish Lad, based on a bit of family history.

I am pleased and honored to accept this award from Sunflower Ranch and I look forward to the continuing friendship.



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Milli's Picks for the Vespa Blogger Friendship Award (coming soon)


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Sunflower Ranch said...

Congratulations on your award!! It just goes to show how you've earned it!! You are a wonderful friend to fellow bloggers. You always bring me a smile, a bit of encouragement, or wisdom in your posts. Who could ask for anything more? Thank you so much for the gracious way you have accepted the award and for all the lovely things you said about Sunflower Ranch. You're one in a million and I am blessed to call you friend! :D

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